Tuesday, 1 October 2013


No photos as yet because it was a bit dark when we finally got to wander and search for food. An uneventful trip to Milan, an excellent coffee and off to the rental car place we went. We had a prepaid voucher. Easy. We didn't count on the Chinese folks in front of us, a very large group renting three cars and having a bit of a time with the language barrier and the finances. Frustration levels were high on both sides, the queue was getting longer. Yes, when we got to the front it was easy and off we raced to overtake the group, they walked fast despite a few younger children, to pick up the keys and the car. No way we wanted to be behind them again.

The drive to Verona was easy, right up until the satnav decided to run out of battery. We were in the centre of the old city, near the apartment. How hard can it be? A while later, after chatting with some locals and some students, we found a car park and met with a lovely young man who pulled out his iPhone, found where we needed to be and even wandered along with us. Making sure we were okay before he slipped quietly away. His mum had taught him the best of manners, as had all the others who helped us.

We had arrived at exactly the right place and Giovanni found us. Once again a lovely Airbnb apartment, on piano 4 so above the noise of the street and so close to the centro piazza and Juliette's place. I parked the car, Giovanni took his life in his hands and drove with me, the poor man put his hand up to make a car stop for me. We had already had the discussion about which side of the road I was used to driving on.

This evening Di and I wandered down for dinner at the most gorgeous restaurant. The pasta at Locandina Cappello was divine, tasty and simple. Being a little uncool, I asked for a spritz Aperol. It was well past apperativo time, oh well. I did redeem myself with a nice red with dinner. One Di and I are going to check out in the bottle shops tomorrow. The great thing about having a car is that one can do just that.

Tomorrow it's photo time then we hit the road for Rijeka in Croatia. Hopefully our magic show us the way tool works for the whole journey. One good thing, my clean out of the stuff in my bag worked, I'm down to just under 17kgs. Much easier to manage although I might just need to do some shopping to fill it a bit. 

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