Saturday, 24 August 2013


Milano, what can I say. The moment I land in Italy I'm sighing with joy, grin all over my face. I must look like an idiot to people, this smiling solo traveller. I lucked in with my accommodation here too, although I have actually done alright with this for most of my trip. Airbnb came up trumps with Marco and his lovely apartment near most of everything I want to see. Sandy, my New Zealand companion arrived today, my job to feed her and keep her entertained so she doesn't sleep all day after her long flight.

Marco suggested I catch the airport bus to the central station, a wise choice from Malpensa and one that saved me about 60 Euro. I sent the instructions to Sandy, I hope she can make sense of them. I have had a little trouble with getting misplaced in this Luddite's tour. No phone, smart or otherwise, no satnav, no devices at all that tell me which way it might be best to go. No devices, only lovely people. Having to ask for directions can be humbling, not in the UK it seems. People are so willing to help and not scathing to lost people. 

I relented and bought a phone at the airport yesterday. Not a smart one, just one with an international SIM and lots of zones plus some credit. A ready to go phone. So I'm awaiting Sandy, with breakfast. I intended to eat out last evening and then I found the local supermarket. Fresh food, yummy fruit and vege so I bought some pasta, tomatoes, blueberries and some other treats and cooked. A joy, as was the vino I washed it down with. It would have been a shame to waste the lovely kitchen here. 

I am struggling to find the time to write about my adventures, there's too much to do. Downloading the photos I've taken takes time, especially as I have to clear space for new ones when I do. Hopefully I will get some time soon to do a catch up, stories still to tell from Ireland and the UK. Sandy has landed and is on her way, that phone has come in handy already. More on Milano later. 

Didge taking a quick peek - Audley House

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