Saturday, 10 August 2013


Is totally exceeding expectations. What an awesome place, with lovely, friendly people who help this kiwi out when she needs it. It's been a huge day, landed in Shannon at 6am, picked up my car a bit after 7am and hit the road. Too tired to write coherently right now, jet lag is hammering me. I didn't get much sleep on the plane and with the 6 or 7 hour difference and the early start in New Orleans, I'm struggling. 

Quick highlights, the two lovely older ladies who showed me where to have breakfast this morning. They were right, it was the best in town! Bantry, everything about it really except the traffic because it was a market day. That made it a wonderful place to visit too. Bantry House, when do I move in. It needs me. The drive around the coast of County Cork, breathtaking scenery. The reactions of everyone when I asked for directions. That's a whole story in itself. Two priorities now, food and sleep and maybe a small red to wash it all down.

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