Monday, 8 July 2013


It's a bit like waiting at the dentist, waiting for an interview. I much prefer to get them over with early. Especially when it's Sunday at my place and Monday at theirs. I've been doing some really interesting exploring while preparing and now know a little more than I did about bi-literacy. Having co-taught in a bilingual classroom and taught English to Arabic speakers, I have a working knowledge of how it all works. I hope that gets across in the interview. That, and that I am worthy of the position.

While I've been waiting, I've booked a car for the UK, very cheap so decided it was a good option. I love the emails that come from places promoting things like accommodation, airfares and car hire. They make my life easier, I wait for the prompt, get searching and seem to get good prices with little hassle. My next thing to book is my flight to NYC, no good planning a big trip if the first step doesn't happen. That's a job for tomorrow.

I love Google Earth. I have been on there route planning, checking out how far it it from here to there, via there and there and how long it might take. It's a really useful tool. I now know it's more than possible for me to drive up to Scotland and check out Inverness and the Isle of Skype. People told me it was a long way, not compared to driving to Muscat and back via the mountains or driving from Christchurch to Auckland on a day trip. I've done that the odd time with only a stop for the ferry crossing and the loo.

So I'm a little bored with today, the first Sunday I've not sailed in a long time. I do have a good book, if I can concentrate on it for an hour, it may just be time to leave for the interview. I've also been spending time sorting out photographs from my over loaded computer. Here's one from another Cayman Sunday.

A beautiful Blue Iguana who resides at the Botanical Gardens

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