Saturday, 13 July 2013

Tropical storm Chantal

So early in the season to be up to C already and Chantal is winding herself down with an amazing light show here in Cayman. On my way home from happy hour, there was lightening in the distance, no rain and just a rumble of thunder. A short while after I got inside, it hit in ernest. West Coast September rain, only warmer. It's still pouring down, I'm pleased I chose to park my car on ground higher than my normal car park because I suspect it will be flooded by now, well under water.

Tomorrow may just be a stay at home, on the couch with a good book kind of a day. I have lots of getting ready to do so I think that may be the main focus. Jane's booked us to New Orleans for a few days of jazz and blues before I head north to NYC and my flight to Shannon. Only about 10 days of work left, that is if I can get the leave I've requested for the end of the month.

Sunday is a sailing day, weather permitting. I do hope it's fine because there's not many sailing days left until I leave. I might even get to drive, I certainly need the practice. I was enjoying another Crossing Jordan this evening and this song was the end song. There for many reasons to do with the plot, I searched the lyrics and found this version. Enjoy.

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