Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The to do list

I'm gradually ticking off things on my to do list. Things like booking flights, rental cars and accommodation as well as dealing with the money stuff. I'm sure I can have a small chuckle at selling my car, the second time I've sold a car on my own and it was was similar to the first time. I put my small Pajero Junior on ECaytrade, the Cayman equivalent of all those buying and selling sites, and had my first call in less than 15 minutes. I hadn't even posted a photo and I'd got the mileage a little wrong, it was really meant to read 130,000 kms not 30,000ks!

The young lass visited, drove the car, nodded excitedly that it was not as rough as most. That was Sunday, today we sealed the deal after a trip to a mechanic to get it checked out. It did check out, I'm happy with the price and she's happy to have a car. Tomorrow it's the hand over, luckily Jane's away so I have a spare car to use. Thanks Jane!

Only eight more work days left, plus three spares if I don't get the things done I need to. I'm hoping not to work those days and instead go on a dive course. Something I've always wanted to do. Cathy Church is a bit of a legend here with her fantastic underwater photos and I'd like to get one or two myself. Just with a water proof happy snappy and not too deep of course. She's a really nice lady too, helped me with a camera issue I had.

So it's almost goodbye to this

and hello to this. Getting excited now.


Di said...

It all reads delicious, meanwhile I'm here in Genova ... sitting at the kitchen table working by the window that looks out on my favourite street in the world.
See you soon!

Jule's Short Story said...

I've just read your entry, the fish part sounded interesting! I loved the quote. Can't wait to see you in your favourite place, dopio espressos all round :)