Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Safe enough yet?

Not really, given this report. I don't mind admitting that earthquakes scare me. Scare me much more than other things that should scare me. They come on so suddenly, without warning, and are so unpredictable. Nature giving the world a shake up.

And there's been a lot more since, including one much bigger and the CBD was shut down yesterday. I was talking about this to a nice young man in the KiwiBank call centre, he didn't seem too impressed by the shakes. I suspect Wellingtonians will have lots of empathy for those in Christchurch, thankfully no one was killed in Wellington or Seddon near the epicentre.

I was talking about earthquakes and the possibility that I may be moving to Wellington later this year while out sailing yesterday. My fellow sailors couldn't see what the big deal was with earthquakes. They are a big deal. Compared to other natural disasters, they are largely unpredictable, no one knows when one starts what the results are going to be, how long it's going to last, how strong it's going to be or whether their home is still going to standing and them and their loved ones still alive at the end of it. It's terrifying.

Thinking of all my fellow kiwis this evening, hoping that this swarm has now ended.

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