Monday, 1 July 2013

An eventful day

I got some bookings done today, accommodation for Ireland and Milan and a car for Ireland. I love how I can plot out my route on Google Maps, see how far it is to drive as well as how long it may take. The roads in southern Ireland are apparently a little narrow and require caution. My car is little, a small VW so I should be fine. I'm planning to drive from Shannon to Bantry then around the coast to Rossbeign, stay the night then drive to Dingle and back to Shannon. I didn't book a satnav because the instructions on Google Earth looked manageable. Famous last words I know after getting lost in Wales.

My first stop organised, I booked the two nights in Milan. It seems like an expensive place, the Airbnb apartment I've booked looks great for Sandy and I, central and near the station but in a quiet spot. Not like the one that said in capital letters, light sleepers need not apply we're on a busy street. That was a no, I'm sure Sandy will appreciate how quiet this one is after her long journey from New Zealand.

Although it was a bit stormy here today, I decided a beach walk would do me good so off I went, right into a rain squall. The sea was rough, the beach largely deserted except for a lovely couple from Washington, the state not the town as he told me. He thought I was an Aussie, he knew to apologise and we laughed at that. Seems they had met Aussies and a New Zealander on another trip so knew more than the average American about down under.

They had just arrived, he wasn't quite as excited as she was at the prospect of a swim in the sea. She wanted to see a fish. Well, Cemetery Beach is just the place for that. Ask the pelicans, I saw several today diving and succeeding. Off I went, telling them I was coming back for a swim fter some much needed exercise.

I wandered along to Public Beach, about a 4.5km round trip and on the way back I noticed lots of activity on the water. Police boats, other small craft and the police helicopter frantically looking for something. I thought at first that there may have been asylum seekers in one of the boats because the police boat seemed to be chasing it. That's happened lately after a rough trip from Cuba.

Crowds were forming from the condos along the beach and I asked a policeman patrolling the beach what had happened. A missing swimmer it seemed. Not an American woman, I asked. Yes, said the policeman. I felt terrible thinking it may have been the lady I told it was okay to swim. With a feeling of dread, I arrived to find the couple gone. I'm hoping that it wasn't her, they seemed so nice and so excited to be in Cayman on their first visit.

The action moved down the beach and the helicopter hovered over the big police launch and it seemed like someone was plucked from the water. A happy ending I hope. I will keep checking the news. The sea was rough and there was a small boat advisory out. Not good weather for a J22. I had a swim because there were others in the water, not too far out and for not too long.

I will miss having the sea available all year round when I leave here. My contract has been extended until the end of July so my leaving date from NYC is set, hence booking as I did today. It's nice knowing I can make plans, nice to know that in a little less than 6 weeks I'll be on the road again. Looking forward to it now.

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