Thursday, 6 June 2013

A little quiet

Really, a little busy. Catching up on some social time and sailing before I leave. My silence has been noted, Lyn wondered where I'd been. The funny thing is that spending my day writing for work leaves me not feeling very inspired to write here. My shift in job means I get uninterrupted time to write the things that need to be written and to do the research that needs to be done. And more seems to land on my desk each day. You get that with the big jobs I guess.

The thing I know is that I have a plane to catch in NYC, well one to NYC first that I've yet to book. I did remind my boss of this today, she just smiled. I'm really excited. I'm heading to Shannon in Ireland and Frank printed me a map of places to go and investigated his home turf for activities while I'm there. It's only a quick stop but I'm going to Dingle. I'm so excited about going to Dingle. You see, while I was on my last trip to New Zealand, I discovered a TV programme on the plane. A recording of a concert Amy Winehouse gave in Dingle.

It was wonderful, inspirational, and now quite by chance I'm getting the opportunity to go to Dingle. Funny how things work out, I had never heard of the place before watching that programme. The clip for it is below, the whole concert I think. Enjoy. I've yet to book my car or accommodation there as yet, this weekends job. I wonder who will be in concert in the church when I'm there?

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