Saturday, 25 May 2013

Interesting times....

Here in Cayman. The election is won, not by my Minister. Such a shame as he has achieved wonderfully while in office. There are others to come, who we're not sure yet, and what form the Government takes. It's interesting being inside an election. Watching the brave former ministers coming to clear their offices, greeting their former teams. It must be so tough putting on that brave face.

So, next week will be the one when we find out who goes where, who our minister will be and if the chief officers will stay or be moved or heaven forbid, leave entirely. Politics seem a little crazy to me. Parties potentially making wholesale change when things, in places, are not broken. People stamping their mark. I hope all the briefings we've prepared, the information we've gathered convinces them to not change too much.

If there's one thing I've learnt about school reform, it's that it takes time. A lot longer than four years, a generation at times. I'm not here for much longer, not exactly sure of my leaving date. My trip is planned thanks to Lynsey at STA Travel in Auckland. A good deal on an around the world ticket. I leave NYC on 8 August and from then on am free traveling with points where there are flights to other places.

I'm heading to the UK for some time with Didge, maybe a tour of Scotland, then on to see Di. That's a bit of a treat and more about that later. Deb is excited that I'm coming to see her and the family in Brunei and I can't wait for some Callie time in Singapore. Meeting Frankie for the first time will most certainly be a highlight. Then home for a bit. There's a lot to do between then and now, lots of distractions here keeping me occupied out on the water.

I actually got sick last week, so not like me. I lost my voice, others sighed with relief, and I'm thankful it's back again now. As usual, I didn't take much time off work, so much to do as I exit this place. I really must attack my wardrobe this weekend, sigh. Shoes, so many shoes and what to do with them all!

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