Saturday, 27 April 2013


So, I must be getting old. It's Friday, it's almost 11pm and the music that's rattling my windows is getting to be annoying. Annoying in that way things get annoying when you're not part of enjoying the action. Tonight I'm tired, it's been a long week. Last night I was out enjoying Elaine's company. It was her birthday, she hadn't told anyone so we got to celebrate with her daughters and some other friends.

It was Tim's birthday too, in New Zealand time. It's actually today and we talked last night for a short time. We are planning to skype this weekend, the time zones being what they are it can be difficult catching each other. I do wonder when the music is going to go. It's actually unusual for me to hear anything other than peace and quiet here at my place. There must be an outdoor party for me to hear it this loud. 

Last weekend was a sail club weekend with Rick's birthday on Friday evening and some interesting discussions. One was with Mike who has offered me some work photographing tourists enjoy the rays at Stingray City. I said yes so must follow up on that. The banter was fun, everyone there relaxed and on fine form. Saturday was the 12 hour sailathon, a fund raiser for the youth team. We got in the mix in the J22 to support the youngsters. They all made the time, peer pressure keeping them going, and then enjoyed food and a relaxing swim. 

Sunday I was on the race committee boat, wine in the heat is not so good for me and it was an enjoyable afternoon on the water followed by more food. This weekend there's racing on Sunday. I'm getting plenty of sailing time, time in and on the water. I'm still waiting for the music to stop, I never thought I'd say that but really, house music is great when you're dancing to it. Not so enjoyable when one is trying to sleep. 

Di inspired me to review my old pics of Rome by posting one recently that she took at that time. A time  we spent wandering and enjoying the early morning light, the peace that is the hours just after dawn in Rome, in spring. It seems like a life time ago that we were there, so much has changed since then. The photo below is just as taken, no adjustments, with my old camera. It's one of my favourites.

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