Sunday, 3 March 2013

It's March.....

How did that happen? Only four posts for February, unheard of! I've been really busy this past month or so, lots going on during the week and on the weekends.

It's Noah's birthday today, he's already had it in New Zealand time, and I got to have a short skype with him. He was really excited and showed me his haul of presents. They were off to a bouncy castle party at the park and I'm sure photos will follow. Not quite the same as being there.

There's been plenty of sailing with last weekend's marathon Banks and Back sail outside the North Sound and into the open ocean. It was a lot less stressful that the last time I went outside the reef, a nice calm day with gentle seas. The racing was on, Blue Runner won both days. It was so good to spend some time just out on the water, not too much to do but relax and enjoy the view and the company. I needed a bit of thinking time. Things are changing here. More on that in another post soon.

I'm off to New York in a couple of weeks, I can't wait although I will need to pack a warm wardrobe. I've shaken the moths out of my winter clothes, they really are a drab collection except for my new red dress and skirt. I need to buy a few more things, a nice pair of closed in, non sandal heels to wear to the opera and some warm undergarments. Not easy when living on a tropical island. My tour guide has a packed itinerary for us, I may have to fit in a quick shop.

This morning we did some work down at the sail club cleaning and gardening to have it spick and span for the international regatta. The weather closed in and we decided to come back another day. It was amazing to watch the change to a nor'wester and see the sea kick up so quickly from a mill pond into whitecaps. A new person asked why we weren't out on the water, he took back his words about fair weather sailors when he watched the weather change so quickly.

So the cleaning crew is off out to dinner soon and I should really get organised and out there. I'm picking there will be more entries in March, more from New York. Did I mention I'm really, really excited about finally getting there? 

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