Thursday, 28 March 2013

Central Park

My first wander in Central Park was in gently falling snow. It was freezing and this hot house flower got the shivers. The snow settled on the trees and discretion and a hot coffee won the day. My second visit was to the zoo, the place where the movie Madagascar began.

I love wandering in zoos, I know that they are places where wild animals are kept caged and I should be horrified by this. But mostly I'm not as long as the animals are well cared for. The Central Park Zoo seemed to be an okay place for animals and smiling children were enjoying the early spring sunshine while wandering with their families. One of the reasons I enjoy zoos is that I am a people watcher. There was plenty of people watching potential in NYC.

Mums and dads with with kids, chatting and sharing the experience of the brightly coloured tropical birds, the snakes and the lemurs and my personal favourite the snow leopards. I could have watched them for hours, well one was fast asleep and twitching but the other was leaping after squirrels. Very entertaining. I got quite a few pics.

Who me?

Chillin in the sun

Beat my yoga move
After the zoo, more wandering in the park, the day being much warmer although there was snow on the ground. Central Park is a real asset to the city and there were heaps of people taking advantage of the pleasant day. That evening was dinner and jazz, excellent music in a lovely bar in the Village. Chris Noth of Sex in the City fame as well as another celeb I couldn't place joined us. He looked at me as though I should know him and only a celeb would dress in '70s style and get away with it so well, a blast from the past.

I really enjoyed New York and didn't get city fatigue as I often do. There was heaps to do and more stories will follow.

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