Monday, 28 January 2013

Your Truth

Yesterday I took some time out. I've been very tired and a little unwell since returning from my holiday and launching straight back into work. It seems that saying yes to most things that are asked is tiring. I know people ask me to do things because they know I get things done, usually to a high standard. That's difficult to do when feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks and not quite feeling well.

So yesterday, I stayed at home. I slept in, I pottered around in my lovely home space, I snacked on some yummy chocolate raisins, I lay on the couch reading and dozing, I met Otis (Noah's new furry friend) and chatted to family and friends on Skype. Then I slept for 10 hours more, peacefully only waking once. Just what I needed.

This morning I feel raring to go, and go I will. I'm helping at a regatta out east today so that should be lots of fun. I trust they will forgive me for not coming yesterday. First, I wanted to share a site I've been exploring after seeing it for a while on Di's blog. Diana Baur is inspirational and her blog has wonderful insights into growing and changing.

I enjoyed reading Diana's ebook Your Truth, a book I will revisit often for it's wisdom. The wisdom of understanding the process of change and the profound impact it has on oneself and others. The quote below resonates.

There's honor in stepping into risk that's been well thought out. There's  
honor in trying the unknown. Doors will open that you cannot see right now.  
And you'll decide if you want to step through them. Because you created  
their existence by taking action and accepting the consequences. Step firmly on your path, and let it lead you where you were meant to go.

Your Truth can be purchased on Diana's website, linked above, and I recommend it if you are thinking about change or are in the process of making change. I believe that things come to us when we need them and although I could have done with reading this book a while ago, I suspect I would not have believed what was written without having experienced some of it. Enjoy. 


Di said...

Hey you.
Good to see you rested. In exciting news, Diana and I are putting together a superb workshop in Italy in the months ahead. I'm all aquiver. Might be the perfect time for you to come wandering that way, as I suspect it's right up your alley.
Snow's melting here ... ho hum.

Jule's Short Story said...

Hey there.
Fantastic to hear, I will be wandering again soon and your place is top of the list. I would love to meet Diana and hear about your workshop, exciting! Been out in the sun all day, taking pics of a regatta. All good! Love to you all xxxx