Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I owe, I owe...

It's off to work I go. Back into the full swing of work after being back a week, only 4 of those work days. Bang went my resolutions, may need to pull back my hours and get some more sunshine once I've caught up. It was lovely seeing everyone, lovely catching up on all the holiday news, lovely sharing my pics of the two special ones and some of the next generation up. I have two in frames on my desk for all to admire and grandma's brag book close to hand.

The weekend was fun, back out on the boat for a lively sail and then some of those other boat things like cleaning and repairs. It was a nice and quietly social weekend with plenty of down time to rest. Next weekend is the Commodore's Cup. Two days of racing in what promises to be high winds. I hope they settle a little by the weekend. The jet lag has settled, I've managed to get my sleeping cycle back to almost normal and my brain is finally in this time zone.

I learnt something today, one has to have 6 months of valid passport before one can enter the US of A. Well, I do have that. It runs out during my time in New York. Apparently that's not okay and enough for me to be stopped at the airport. Fancy that, just as well I checked. So it's a new passport for me. Luckily the process is online and the lady I spoke to today was very helpful. I'll get a photo tomorrow to upload then my application will be ready to go, no drama. The lady told me I'd have it by the end of January, I'm good with getting in February. As long as I get to New York, I can't wait.


Di said...

That passport stuff makes one want to use a bad word. How painful are those American rules. Then, in more annoying news, apparently our new NZ passports, I got one for the trip home, only last 4.5 years. I do wish the rule-makers actually got out of their offices more.

Jule's Short Story said...

I can't fault the online process, no more forms and printed photos with endorsements on the back, I can't fault the service of the person I spoke to on the phone. I do think that 5 year, that is 4.5 year passports for adults are impractical especially for those of us who live away from home.

Even more impractical (foolish actually) is the rule that I can't go the the US without 6 months on my passport. I have 6 months when I land there, I have a return ticket. What's the problem I wonder? I intend to ask that question at the US Embassy today. Will post the answer.

There are the other considerations, I have to renew my ESTA, my work permit is in my old passport, I know all the details by heart for those dreaded forms so will have ot learn a new set, lol.

Lenetta Carnes said...

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Jule's Short Story said...

Hi Lenetta.

Thanks for you comment and for following. I'll check our your blog too.

Jules :)