Thursday, 17 January 2013


This movie needs to come with a warning, do not watch if you don't want to shed a tear or two. I bought the DVD in Walmart in Miami and have just had the chance to watch it. I should check out the story more carefully before buying, it had me sobbing on the couch. Be warned.

Dogs are such a very special part of our lives. Memories of all the ones I've cried for, ones who are gone, made this an emotional watch. Noah is about to become a dog owner, he's really excited. He got to meet his new friend last weekend and he was buzzing when I spoke to him. It was so lovely talking to him, after my recent visit he really gets who I am and was very happy to have a chat.

The photos of the little ones have been a hit with my friends and colleagues, I'm not too boring with them I hope. For now it's an early night. The big weekend of sailing and some tough work days have left me feeling a bit jaded. More on the sailing later, I'm in the process of writing something for the paper so will include that here too. 

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