Friday, 11 January 2013

A bit of a shock

Further to the passport comments a few entries ago. Feeling all misty eyed and New Zealandish after watching the Hobbit and in possession of a half way decent passport photo, I decided to tackle the last of my online form. After many frustrating attempts at restarting and after being told my passport didn't exist, I found that user error was the issue. It said expiry date not passport date, I was getting quite grumpy and swearing just a bit by the time I realised.

Onwards and sheepishly apologising to those I cursed, I completed the form, paid my money and viola one accepted passport application. Then there was the small print, the print that's not actually shown during the application process but came via the confirmation email.

"You can no longer use your current passport"

A cold hand clutched at my heart. What do you mean, no longer use my passport? I'm living on a small island in the Caribbean, okay I'm showing off a little, with no passport there is no getting off the island is needs must. Not for at least 10 working days plus delivery. Delivery may be interesting with no real street address. As Jane pointed out, we did manage in the UAE when the deliverers spoke little English so it should be okay here.

It's actually a bit scary being without a passport, especially my beloved, full of interesting stamps and visas passport. I'm going to call the passport people to set my mind a little at rest. To make sure things are okay and underway and that I will get my passport before the New York trip in March.

And that too is interesting. I asked why I needed 6 months on my passport. It seems that if I'm in the US with less than 6 months to expiry, and I decide to stay until it runs out, there is an issue. Can they not just deport me? Don't they take into account that I live somewhere else and am on a short vacation for which I have a valid return ticket? It seems not, common sense is after all not that common. 

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