Monday, 3 September 2012


Mayhem was in action yesterday and today, our boat is back with it's shiny red keel and underside. The water beads off the bottom as we skip across the water at top speed. Yesterday was a short practice with a new crew member and the wind was lively. Lots of fun and the kite went up and came down without mishap. A nice couple of hours on the water.

Today the winds were lighter, it was fine when we went out at 10.30, not so when we got back many hours later. My dragon boating skills came onto play as I paddled us towards the wind we we could see it on the water, think Ancient Mariner! We got the kite flying as soon as we could, just to make us go forward.

We sailed over to Kaibo and, although we had no money between us, thought that we would know at least one person willing to share their riches with us so we could buy a bowl of chips. Alas no, we shared the crackers and cheese I'd brought. then we spotted Dean, another member of our crew, arriving with his family. We chatted for a while as we watched the storm we were dodging run the length of the island, complete with thunder and impressive lightening.

We finally made it back to the club only to find some lovely friends there with a rum and BBQ ready for us. Jo had called ahead to let them know we may need a tow so they decided to wait for us, a nice social end to the afternoon.

My week last week was extremely long and stressful with days of dawn to dark work and eating poorly. I was totally exhausted by Friday. My house guest moved out on Saturday morning, just before I went sailing. Getting out on the water revived me, my relaxation and relief from work. Sailing takes my mind off everything else. Hard to believe I'm picking up one of the new teachers at 7.20 then heading in for another long day, oh well there's always next weekend's cruiser race to look forward to.

Baby Cakes in action

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