Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Oh dear, I suspect I've left it a bit late to book my Christmas holiday. It's only just September, who would have thought that. I've booked to Brisbane, it was expensive but that's life. Try getting from Brisbane to Christchurch return, the flights are limited and the cost extortionate. I've never paid $1200NZD to get across the Tasman before and the flights have a stop somewhere so they take nine plus hours instead of three and a half.

Tonight I thought I'd talk to someone in Air NZ and see if they could help me. I've just had nearly 20 minutes on the phone to a very helpful lady in their Brisbane office. She listened and helped me sort out my flights, she had me laughing at the processes and gave sound advice. It's fantastic to have someone who cares enough to take the time and give some real options.

I have now booked my return flight so I can make the LA connection, I just have to get to Christchurch. I'm getting really excited about going home and seeing my lovely family, especially the two small ones. It's all on, two weeks of holiday with four days of travel, eight flights and endless time in airports. It will most definitely be worth it for flat grandma. And from my last trip,

The Andes from San Pedro Church, Chinchero

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