Friday, 3 August 2012

Up high

I wasn't really aware that I might get altitude sickness from being up above sea level. I was told that drinking coca tea, keeping hydrated and not drinking fizzy drinks were some things that helped. After the big day out, travelling up to 12,000 feet, I had a wicked headache and nausea. It was a funny, spaced out feeling. One I don't want again. Panadol and some tablets from the pharmacy helped plus a good nights sleep.

The next day was another early start, the trip up to Machu Picchu. I was so worried I wouldn't be well enough but I woke up feeling fine. The train trip up was fantastic. Beautiful scenery and the bonus of good campany. We chatted, helpful that they all spoke English. It's really hard to describe the feeling of looking over this very special place. I supect that after my long bus trip and sightseeing today, the words are not there so I will wait until I have photos.

Today I've come to Puno from Cosco, at a higher altitude to Cosco. It was a long trip, stopping along the way to see some very special sights. I cannot believe just how much there is to see here, the history is humbling espcially the evidence of a brutal colonisation. The people here are fantastic, friendly and welcoming to these tourists taking a peek at their reality.

Today there was a point when I realised that we could have been driving through the McKenzie country in New Zealand. Rolling tussock hills flanked the road with snowy mountain tops showing above. The road wended its way through the river valley, a river that feeds the mighty Amazon. The hint that I was elsewhere came with the small settlements of brown and red adobe homes clustered on the roadside and beyond. Evidence of the argricultural focus in this area was every where. People tending stock, crops growing and hay storred in corrals.

For the next two days I'm staying at Totorani Inn. Another lovely hostel with very friendly and helpful people. Tomorrow I'm on a tour around Lake Titicaca, a nice way to celebrate my birthday.

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