Sunday, 19 August 2012

It's Saturday!

And I'm procrastinating. In fact, I could win a medal at the procrastination olympics if there was such a thing. I'm feeling a little lethargic. Could be from my week, far too many hours at work. Everything urgent. So much needed to begin the school year. Today I have work to do, not urgent but stuff best done while in the peace and quiet of home, the uninterrupted peace and quiet.

I'm having computer issues, not the computer's fault. User issues. My hard drive is so full I can't upload any of my Panama and Peru photos. This morning I've been going through and deleting some photos to make space. Funny, when they are on a computer you don't really look at the photos very often, not like when they are in an album on your coffee table. I bought two albums in Peru and intend to fill these soon.

It's been a trip down memory lane. The trip to Petra and my Bath and Salisbury trips got a bit axed today. Not before I'd wandered through the photos, remembering Sue and Di's company. Remembering my good friends I haven't seen in a while. It must be time for a visit to my Belgian family. Sue took this photo of me at Petra. It's funny, I don't have many pictures of me out and about, just of the places. A new friend I met in Panama had commented on the same thing as I took a photo of him.

I didn't follow advice so didn't get any photos of me in Peru. I wanted one on my birthday while out and about on Lake Titikaka but was a bit shy asking someone to do that. Not like me, it was a lovely reflective day where I preferred my own company to talking. Also not like me. Today is meant to be one where I can procrastinate so I will, although I must get out of my PJs so I can sit in the sun and finish my book.

The Treasury at Petra

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