Sunday, 15 July 2012


Baby Cakes in action

Cheers at Stingray City

The dolphin was right under this boat
Last weekend Pete and Marie invited me out on Cheers, their new pride and joy, for an afternoon sail. The plan was to head to Stingray City to check out the stingrays then onto Starfish Point for a swim. Cheers is a little bigger than Mayhem, a little smaller than Blue Runner so plenty of room for the 6 man crew. There was lots to do, sailing alongside Baby Cakes and another friend.

Snorkeling with stingrays is not my favourite thing to do so I was pleased that we were in deeper water and they were chilling out on the sandy bottom. There were two really big ones, with over 6 feet wingspans. Apparently thrashing around in the water wakes them up. It's disconcerting when these huge creatures come and rub up against you, especially when thoughts of Steve Irwin come to mind. I bolted up the ladder with Jo close behind. Not very brave, I know.

We sailed on to Starfish point and anchored for a swim. Marie and I swum ashore, treading carefully with heaps of small sea urchins on the sea floor. There were others anchored, lots of action as they had a visitor. Our friendly wild dolphin was swimming around the boats. Despite warnings in the media not to swim with him, we joined the others. From a distance. This dolphin is huge and impossible to photograph with my happy snappy.

When we left, he came too. Swimming alongside us, racing us as we picked up speed flying the spinnaker. He came right up to my side, leapt out of the water and splashed me. I'm certain he smiled as he did it then dashed under the boat to splash the crew on the other side. It's such a privilege to have him alongside, amazing really that he is so playful and responsive. I had my hands full so didn't get any photos, no problem. We're back out racing tomorrow and he's sure to pick us up just off Boobie Quay where he seems to hang out. 

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