Monday, 11 June 2012

Sunday evening

Sunday evening has rolled around again, where do the weekends go! After moving last weekend, I'm feeling a little jaded. I think I'm finally unpacked. I may not be able to find everything I've unpacked but at least things are out of their bags and boxes. 

Work is taking up so much time at the moment, a pressure point where all sorts of projects are coming to fruition. There are so many things to consider, people to consider as well as logistics for most projects. The next few weeks will be hectic, lots of evening work and long days then it should settle. Tomorrow there's a press conference, big announcements and I'm in the front row so need to look tidy. It will be a long day so I will need yoga at the end of it.   

I'm planning some much needed time off. Panama should be my first stop. I did get some good time out on the water on Saturday afternoon. Pete and Marie have just bought a J30, a bigger and more comfortable version of my boat. Pete took Amanda and I out for a play in lively winds. It was fun. I think I need a J30, more versatile than mine with sleeping berths, ablutions, cooking and cooling facilities. 

The thought of sailing off into the Caribbean sunset and cruising around the islands is one that makes me sigh. Especially because of my work life balance. Pete, Marie and others are looking at cruising to Cuba, count me in as crew. It should be fun. 

Kieran and Sasi had the best news this weekend. Their house sold and they bought another, both things were meant to be. They are excited, I wish I could go and help them with the move. Eve may prove a handful! I'm heading home for Christmas and might just have to call in to see their place, no more sleeping on the couch for me. 

The weather here is heating up just as it is snowing in New Zealand. It seems early, Tim tells me it was the same last year. I really don't miss the cold, although I am using the aircon at my new place at the moment. It's set at almost 27C but it's a little cold for me. Must read the instruction so I can heat it up a bit. 

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