Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Queens birthday weekend

Happy birthday Queen Liz! I'm sitting on my deck overlooking the pool with a nice breeze carrying away the stickiness of the day. It's rainy season, hurricane season and we've had a few very short blows and a weekend of heavy rain. It's a bit like living on the west coast of New Zealand in September, heavy warm rain for long periods, only the rain is heavier and much warmer! It also sticks around with extensive surface flooding.

When I go to a new place, I tend to listen to those who have lived there a while so when Jo said to buy a 4 wheel drive, I did. When Kiva said get a place with storm shutters, I didn't the first time as I'd already signed the lease when she said this. I have this time. Despite all the teething troubles with my new place, I'm enjoying living here. It's close to town yet coming home feels like going on holiday. I have to walk past the pool, through the lush gardens to get to my place.

My little Pajero has been great. I can go splashing through the puddles, the road quite rutted after all the rain. Today I have some down time, yesterday we raced. An exciting afternoon on the water. I've got a few new bruises and know where some of my regular ones come from. We got caught by a squall, big black clouds rolled in with strong, fickle winds, thunder and lightening and stinging rain. It soon passed, the race abandoned.

Yahoo and Mayhem decided to have a practice sail. The winds were perfect when the squall passed. My long hours at work, the stress of the projects I'm managing at the moment, melted away. I'm on foredeck so had plenty to do as we raced up and jibbed back down the North Sound. Sailing keeps me sane, my stress release valve for my work life. I have momentarily lost my work life balance, it's mostly work for now. I do love my job, new challenges everyday, and there will be some travel time in the summer. I'm using the extra weekend day to catch up on those jobs that need concentration. Then I'll get some pool time, it's not a bad life really.

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