Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It's raining, it's pouring.....

What a downpour today! I woke to rain coming through my open window in the small hours and it's continues all day. I went for a drive earlier in the day on Charlene's advice as I'm looking to move soon. always best to check the lay of the land in this weather it seems. I drove through massive surface flooding with minimal visibility and decided that my place was okay, shame I have to move. I've got dead cockroaches in my front porch and big frogs croaking out the back door. Interesting.

Schools are closed for tomorrow, too much flooding and a poor forecast. The photo in the article is close to my place. More of the same all week and rainy season has not officially begun yet. Seem like those hurricane frogs may be right to go to higher ground. For me it's been some nice downtime. I would not have seen anyone today, except Didge got driven out of her place by a non stopping alarm. A nice interlude and friendly chat. Didge is off home to her son's wedding on Wednesday so fingers crossed all is well so she gets there on time.

So a much needed rest day for me to lose my sore throat and achey bits. Tomorrow will be work as usual although possibly a little quieter with the schools closed. I've read a book this weekend, had heaps of couch time and slept much more than is normal for me. Guess I needed a quiet home weekend. I suspect I should have started packing, not my most favourite job but needs must. Procrastination and last minute things are my modus so it would be a shame to change that now. 

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