Thursday, 24 May 2012


I felt inspired this morning. Two things that don't usually go together, I felt inspired and it was morning! I'd worked late, not slept well despite a small helping of Forrest Gump and had woken really early. I was checking out some travel blogs, this one inspired me to write. As much the comments as the blog really. Here is my comment:

As a New Zealand traveler who has made 3 other countries home, living, working, socialising and generally enjoying all these countries have to offer, I found this post and the comments interesting. Enclaving is what expats do all over the world. This is especially so in countries where there is a major difference in culture, for example in the Middle East. It may not be so common for countries where there are cultural and religious similarities. Locals there are more likely to include expats so long as they are not fatigued by the number of them settling in their place. 

Every place I've been has had a rugby club run and frequented by New Zealanders and Australians with the odd South African included. Not really being a rugby club person, I only go there for special events, such as the World Cup games, to be with others cheering for the same team. While I enjoy a catch up with my New Zealand friends overseas, I certainly don't mix exclusively with them or other expats. That's how I have enjoyed my travels, experiencing other cultural norms, languages and opportunities to share. 

I laughed when I read the piece on cricket. It brought back some lovely memories of watching games in other places, street games with excited youngsters. There is nothing more likely to cause heated discussion with any of our Indian sub continent or Caribbean neighbours. I just say I'm from New Zealand and the Black Caps are mentioned. The fact I'm a big cricket fan and can talk relatively knowledgeably about this means I'm a hit with those I talk with. I was close to Sri Lanka during the last world cup and am going to Jamaica soon to watch as many matches on the Black Caps tour as I can. The luxury of being close by.

Funny, I've been thinking about this stuff lately. People think that because you're from New Zealand that you know everyone there and that you give other New Zealanders in your orbit an easy ride. Not so, we are often harder on each other than we are on others. The tall poppy syndrome is alive and well. In Cayman that's called crabs in a bucket, very apt if you've seen crabs in a bucket. 

Anyhow, felt like I needed to add my 2 cents worth. Funny how close minded some people are, and that applies to the people who are locals as well as expats. Harmony and goodwill, that's what makes the world go around.

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