Saturday, 12 May 2012


Walking in a sidewise, in a crab like manner or harvesting land crabs in Cayman. Last night Jane and I got to experience Cayman style crabbing. Tonight the first crabbing may happen, it is Friday after all. Jane got invited to join some friends, I tagged along, armed with long clothing, running shoes and a torch. A woeful torch as it turned out.

Chris and Yammi and their 3 year old son Nathan led the expedition. I just stuck with the person who had the brightest torch, wise it seems as this is a night time venture. The crabs are the large land crabs I see on the road when driving in the rainy season. There's a crab season, it's just begun, hence the expedition. Crabbing entails finding places where the crabs have burrows and catching them when they are hanging out outside their holes in the ground.

Then you put your foot on them and pick them up carefully, as you do with anything that has giant claws. Into the sack and into the holding bucket they go. I got one, one of my companions came with the grabbing stick, stilled the crab and into the bag it went. Scrabbling around in the bushes was interesting, a bit scary with my small torch especially with thoughts of the snakes and scorpions that lurk in the area.

We got 15 altogether, enough for a good taste. And we had that this evening, followed by chocolate brownie and ice cream. Crab, boiled then fried with chili served on rice with baked bread fruit. Island cuisine at  it's best, eaten outside under the stars with a cold beer and good friends. 

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