Monday, 16 April 2012

Proud part owner

Of a J22 yacht called Mayhem! Yes, today I bought half of a J22 off Mark, Jo has the other half. I'm really excited, I've always wanted to sail and now I'll get to learn on a boat I part own. While racing and training to race. Today we had a look with Simon and made a list of things to do to get it up to racing standard. Next weekend we have our first practice with a new crew, although we all have sailed together at various times. There's work to be done and that should keep me busy for a few weekends.

I did get rather a little sunburnt today. I'm cross at myself because I didn't feel it burning, I was too busy looking over Mayhem. Seems the sun was burning through the clouds. This evening Kim, Brad and Jon came around with ice cream so I got a small dose of 2 year old fun. Talking to Noah on Skype is lots of fun. He really gets into chatting and took me out to the sandpit to dig holes yesterday. Nice that although I'm on a screen he still knows it's me. I'm off to bed now, will need a cool shower first to quieten the sunburn.

Yes, there is a place called Homerville in the USA

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