Thursday, 5 April 2012

Out and about in St Kitts

Now that's a lobster dinner, yes I did eat all that!
It seems that St Kitts is smaller than I thought, the population is only around 40,000 people with a further 11,000 or so on Nevis. The islands are certainly hilly, we drove around a coastline that reminded me of the Otago Peninsula in New Zealand, the road close to the sea with houses dotted up the side of the hills. It's volcanic as well so a similar geology.

There is heaps of evidence of colonisation, the stone buildings that are quintessentially English. The churches and colonial homesteads, some the houses of the slave owners who used slaves to harvest the sugar cane. Brimstone Hill with it's fortress protecting the land from the sea based invaders. I do need to so some more research about this place, for now I'll just add some pics from today.

Today we went out visiting the early years centres on the St Kitts, an entertaining excursion with lots of kids keen to get their photos taken then see the pics. It was a humbling experience, seeing so much done with so little and seeing wonderful environments created for the children to enjoy. As always, we were welcomed, this troupe of smiling women with cameras. I don't publish photos of other peoples kids without permission so scenery will have to do for now.
Middle Island Anglican Church

The Middle Island Anglican Church, the first Anglican church in the Eastern Caribbean, is now in ruins but was the hub of the community in it's day. The little white structure on the right of the photo is where Sir Thomas Warner, the first Governor of the West Indies is buried. He has the dubious honour of leading the colonisation of the island. Samuel Jefferson, ancestor of Thomas Jefferson, is also buried in this church yard. 

An interesting history like most of these islands and one I hope to explore further tomorrow morning. We fly at 3pm so have the morning to catch some sights. I'm hoping to get a photo of Nevis towering out of the sea, the driver today didn't slow down enough to make the shot worthwhile. Tomorrow hopefully. 

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