Friday, 13 April 2012

Miss Adventure part 2: My dad will know...

Well, there I was lost off an off ramp in Miami. I phoned a friend on Cayman who might know, he didn't answer. I drove around trying to find something familiar, then realised nothing was. By this time I was very hungry and needed the loo so I spotted a diner, as you do in the US of A. There was even a police car outside with the occupants dining too. The waitresses greeted me, I told them I was lost and asked how to get to the airport. They looked puzzled, I repeated what I wanted, they looked puzzled. The accent I suspect, then one lit up with a big smile.

"My dad will know!" she said looking very proud of her all knowing dad. It was lovely to see and she took me over to dad who was dining with mum and asked him my question. He started to tell me, I looked blank as he named landmarks. He sensed a problem, paused so I shared that this was my first drive in the USA. A lot of firsts that day actually. What a nice man, as I humbly apologised to his wife for the interruption, he drew me a map. One I could follow on to the I75 then off at the airport exit.

After thanking him profusely I ordered dinner and a beer, I deserved one by then. It was happy hour, I got two beers and gave one to my new friend as a thank you. Off I went, quite confident. That ended not much later. Renee by this time had managed to get out of the airport and to her patiently waiting sister. I called, she was able to guide me to Dorel where my hotel was. It took a while to get there. I've since found out one of the problems.

I broke my glasses in St Kitts, I got my eyes retested yesterday. It seems they have gotten much worse, no wonder I couldn't see the signs. I was amazed when the optician showed me the difference between the prescriptions. Seems now I need something a little stronger. Yesterday I tried contacts again, those who remember will smile at my last episode when I wore them to the ball. Not very successfully. This time it was better. At least I'll see the fishes more clearly and be able to call the wind lines when out sailing when I wear them.

I made my St Kitts, via Puerto Rico, flight although I had lost confidence in my ability to get anywhere without mishap. Luckily the airport is well signposted and all those big planes are a dead give away. I was relieved to drop the car and race to check in. I met a lovely lady there, a Cuban lady who chatted about the levels of literacy she encounters in her job checking people in to fly. She was soft with the young man, stern with the lady who couldn't use the auto check in, all the while chatting to me. She was impressed that I'd visited her part of the world.

St Kitts and Nevis from the air. Nevis is in the background.

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