Tuesday, 10 April 2012


It was so nice to walk in the door last night to a nice clean house, my place, home. That didn't last long as I unpacked and showed Jo my purchases. Miami, we got only a short time to shop but I managed to do some damage. I suspect I may need to buy some new coat hangers or better still, cull the wardrobe. This seasons fashions seem to suit me, nice fitting dresses and retro tops. I could have bought more, how many dresses does a girl need. And I did get shoes too, an important pair that will replace my traveling shoes. Heels just high enough that I can touch the floor of the plane when flying. 

Yes, that is a problem when you're a little smaller than average. Heels are better than using a book, much more styley. The flying this trip was okay, just a few short hops. The immigration and security at Miami, well that's another story for another day. For now, I"m trying to decide which of the black dresses to wear to work, there are some with white and red so not all gloomy. I've already picked the shoes, black wedges with a shiny buckle. Think the red one might be today's. As Jo commented, they are all you but you may have to lose a few pounds to look your best in that leopard print one. Mmmm that may take some work and sacrifice, I'm up to it. 

I have plenty of stories, the road trip into Georgia was fantastic. Things just happened as they do to me. A small example, we wanted a convertible and they were really expensive so we booked a small car. When we got to the rental counter, the nice man said that he had convertibles on special. Did we want to upgrade? We most certainly did, giggling excitedly like a couple of school girls. So off we went, speeding down the interstates and exploring the lesser used roads with the top down. Now I need to get my head into work, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and showing off my new gear. I actually love my job, life is good!

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