Saturday, 31 March 2012

Off again......

She wrote. Off first thing in the morning on one of those early morning stupid flights that need you there two hours before, what was I thinking! I'm off to Miami, driving a friend to Naples (Florida not Italy unfortunately), heading back to Miami, flying to Puerto Rico and on to St Kitts for the week. I'm attending a conference there, staying in a nice hotel and talking education for four days. That's not all bad really. There will be photos, if there's time.

I'm flying back to Miami for Easter, meeting Jane and going on a road trip. Quite possibly shopping on the way. We're heading to the Keys, to the True Lies bridge. I've always wanted to go there, lets hope the bridge isn't out. We're hiring a Mustang convertible, well that's Jane's plan. I'm warming to it, I suspect I'll be Louise. Well, we are in the US of A so why not. We may even stay in one or two of those highway motels with the old man in the plaid shirt at reception, no questions asked. Do I really live in a movie world, sometimes I think so!

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