Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A most excellent day

Noah and I had a great day together today. He's a bunch of fun, busy and entertaining. We played outside digging holes in his new sandpit, made Lego creations, wandered to the park sighting many diggers and big trucks, read books and generally enjoyed the day together. He's pretty much worn me out. We had some lovely conversations about the diggers and of course the first thing he told his mum was that the dust got in his eyes, tell tale! We did get a little close to the orange digger loading the big truck that went beep, beep, beep as it backed in. The gust of wind caught us.

There's such a lot for kids interested in machinery here. We saw three diggers, heaps of trucks and watched a crane lower a wall for the new local supermarket, lots to talk about. Noah went back and into the sandpit loading his truck with his digger, boys love that sort of stuff. I know mine did when they were his age.

It's only two more sleeps and I'm off again. After today, I'm tempted to stay a bit longer. Melbourne is my next stop, friends and family to catch up with there too. While I'm looking forward to that, it won't make it any easier leaving on Thursday. I still have some last minute shopping to do, orders from fellow Cayman kiwis and treats for my colleagues. Tonight I"m feeling a little tired. Blame this young fellow, the coolest kid out there. Thanks for a fantastic day Noah.

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