Friday, 23 March 2012

Jet lag

I've not really suffered from jet lag before. I thought I was smart taking Tuesday off, and I was right. The massage helped, having April to stay was great for chasing away that 'on my own' feeling, cooking a healthy dinner was useful, going to work kind of broke the holiday spell.

There was plenty to catch up on. My colleagues liked the Pineapple Lumps, those who saw the ad laughed and got why these are a NZ treat. I know I've included it here before, surely it's worth another watch. Back to the jet lag, about morning tea time yesterday it started and hasn't really gone yet. That swimming through molasses feeling. My body felt heavy, my head slow as I attempted to get it around what I had to do. I'm sure my friends and colleagues did wonder about my slow motion conversations and my vague gazing into the distance at times. I didn't dare put my head on the desk, I suspected my snoring might be held against me.

Yesterday was a late one followed by dinner at Sunset House with the girls, lots of laughs and catching up. Today I came home relatively early, in the Cayman equivalent to rush hour. Luckily the traffic wasn't rushing as my car got stuck in one gear and I had to limp home holding everyone up. Larry can fix it, he's the Cayman's mechanical Bob the Builder. He's always managed to fix it before so here's hoping. I'm writing now to keep myself awake until I can safely go to bed, maybe in 30 minutes or so. I'm boring myself so apologies to my readers.

Tomorrow is another day, here's hoping I'll be feeling better after a good nights sleep. Then I might just be able to catch up on my posts. I owe plenty, plenty of stories to tell of my adventures, home and away. For now enjoy the PL advert. Yes the kiwis slept in......

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