Tuesday, 6 March 2012


A cool cake
It's Tuesday already, time sure flies when I'm on holiday. Saturday was fun, the young ones birthday party. Heaps of people, adults and kids, enjoying each others company. It was a nice social time and I was surprised when someone said that group were the ones who celebrated Noah's first birthday and christening, minus the two uncles and one aunt in Australia, plus one grandma who had had to Skype in for the big occasion. I remember it well and was delighted to be able to attend this years party.

As I write, I'm sitting watching some of my photos scrolling through on the big television, some great memories of Italy, France, Australia and New Zealand. The photos look fantastic on the big screen, surprising as many were taken on my old camera. It's a little distracting really. Today I went out to Oxford to see my mother and she wants a couple of pics of the great grands for her wall, as easy ask. There are so many nice ones to choose from.

This evening we enjoyed the long twilight and went for a ride on the mountain bikes out at the Waimakariri River forest tracks. Lots of fun dodging the trees and riding up and along the stop banks. It's a lovely place to ride, easy for this rusty one on Sarah's flash bike. I'm quite fit it seems, just a little slow. Twilight is such a treat, it's not dark here until after 8.30 pm and so there's plenty of time to get out and about. I must say I'm enjoying being on holiday and being in the shaky isles, luckily the earth has settled and is quiet for now. Fingers crossed that continues for a long while.

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