Saturday, 3 March 2012

Happy birthday Noah!

We had a lovely day yesterday celebrating the small boy's birthday, 2 years old and tons of fun. He had the unwrapping of the presents sorted, ripping the paper for the large and small boxes and then wrestling with the packaging. Cars, trucks and garages were the theme, reflecting his interests. The rubbish truck even came to pick up the bins on his birthday, his favourite thing to watch on a Friday first thing. He associated birthdays with cake, he loves the chocolate variety so we had the candle ceremony with all the grandparents and uncle and auntie present.

"Hot," says Noah as he gets close to blow out the candle. Mission accomplished and it's cake all round. Yum.

Noah is cool, he is full of running and I couldn't believe how big he's grown. The Cuban T shirt may be a very tight fit. We went to the park and I got some lovely photos. I need to process these, I just may take more at his birthday party. It should be fun, kids, party food and a rainy, cool Christchurch summer day. Oh well, it is almost autumn here. First I'm off to buy something merino to wear under my summer clothes, I didn't pack so well!

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