Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Breaking news........Marmite shortage

Oh no, so that's why I came home with 2 small jars and nothing to share with my fellow kiwis here on island. They may forgive me when they see the Pineapple Lumps and Peanut Slabs...... just may, no guarantees. It seems that the Sanitarium Marmite factory got severely damaged in the quake and stocks are running low. The vid in the story above is really funny to New Zealanders, that's an Aussie accent the woman has and Marmite 'fixes' her, making her a rugby watching watching kiwi girl. Very culturally contextual.

So the next story comes along. Trademe is currently running an auction for a 25 kg pail of Marmite. The company, Gilmores Hamilton, are auctioning the pail with the proceeds going to charity. There are some very good folks in New Zealand. The auction is here on Trademe. I hope they fetch a lot of money, check out the comments below the auction details.

PS I'm back, feeling human now and waiting for my team to visit on their way home from work. I hope they like Pineapple Lumps.....

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