Monday, 6 February 2012

Sailing, not

Oh dear, I've got that Sunday afternoon feeling. Work tomorrow and I still want it to be the weekend, sigh. It's been a really nice one, relaxing and social as well as some good quiet time. We were sailing this afternoon, we got the boat in then the heavens opened up and there was lightening. Not sailing weather as the wind was too fickle. We retired to the clubhouse and had the drinks and snacks intended for Kaibo while the storm passed.

I got all domestic yesterday, shopping and cooking, so we had the lentil soup I made with hot toast to warm us up. Jo has a friend staying who loves music so we swapped favourite artists, many similar ones. I'm listening to Jeff Tweedy now, relaxing and preparing myself for the busy week to come. It's going to be another crazy one with three days of evening workshops, lots of organising and lets hope the venue issues of last week are resolved.

Dinner calls, something light, and then I might tune into the Superbowl. I have it on good authority that the commercials are worth watching, I'm not sure I understand the game that well so we shall see. It just may be an early night. 

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