Sunday, 5 February 2012

John Legend

Anyone who knows me knows of my love of music. I go to any live event I can and music is a constant in my life. I was destined to see John Legend in concert. Despite a frantic week, long hours juggling all that needs to be juggled, I managed to get tickets. These came to me as things do via a lovely friend who knew I was a huge fan. Her son works for one of the sponsors, he kindly gave her 4 tickets so my attempts to buy were just deflecting that I already had tickets waiting for me.

Nick shared John Legend with me years ago, he's a constant in my music choices. I was astounded when people here didn't know who he was. Luckily Debbie, Jane, Elaine and Charlene did so we met for happy hour then on to the concert. Others did too as the festival green at Caymana Bay filled up nicely. The starting acts were fantastic too, local talent showcased. I must have been here too long, I knew lots of people there including the lead singers in one of the local bands. This place being as it is, he is also a reporter for the local paper.

John Legend exceeded expectations, I had expected something a little mellow but with the rousing Rolling in the Deep starting it all, there was plenty of energy. He play all my favourites as well as a new one, Dreams. Here it is from YouTube, not such good quality but it's on his new album. My next music purchase I suspect. Enjoy!

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