Friday, 24 February 2012


Well, I made it to Brisbane this morning at about 7.30am. It's not a trip that one takes lightly, Cayman to this side of the world. It was better this time. I got some sleep on the 14 hour leg LA to Brisbane but made a decision that I'm not going to spend seven and a half hours in LAX ever again, ever! I managed to walk outside and wander around the airport area. That didn't kill much time unfortunately.

It's raining here, heavy fat drops and it's a little cool. Nice for a change. Eve has kept Sasi and I entertained all day with her efforts to walk. She has it sorted, the balance is there and the feet go one in front of the other for up to six or seven steps. She can even stand and show off another new trick, clapping hands. Eve thinks she very clever, so did the two doting folks watching her. She even showed off to her dad when he got home. I suspect this is the beginning of the evolution to running Eve, look out! Did I mention that the child is only 9 months old and has been taking steps for a month or so?

I'm still standing, sort of, after the long journey and suspect I may need to lie down very soon. I don't usually suffer too much from jet lag, I just need to get a good nights sleep so I'm functioning fully. It's Saturday tomorrow, a whole weekend with Kez and Sasi and Eve, fantastic.

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