Monday, 30 January 2012

Taste Cayman

Taste Cayman was an experience. I couldn't imagine where so many people had come from, the venue was packed. I also couldn't believe how many people I knew or recognised as we wandered around. I'd been out sailing for most of the day, a training sail where I learnt more about mainsail trimming. Very helpful having more experience to hang the learning on. It was exhausting and I shut my eyes for a moment when I got home. An hour later Jane was there to pick me up, I wasn't quite awake.

There was a queue to get in and most were not too patient with this, funny really hearing the comments. We were a little more philosophical, I enjoyed the people watching. The stalls had people lined up too, so many people. The space was smallish so that probably contributed. The food was yummy, conch fritters with plantain baskets of spicy shrimp; pumpkin and ricotta tortellini with semi dried baby tomatoes served with fresh orange juice and ginger; tuna tartar and lemon meringue pies, small tart lemon treats that left me wanting more. There were lots of more meaty treats as well and the Mohitos were excellent.

I suspect I may have to try out the restaurant with the pasta, it was divine. There were fireworks, Cayman does fire works well and this was no exception. It was nice to go out and wander at Caymana Bay. The concept is fantastic and there's plenty of places to eat where you can relax and watch the world go by. The plan is to do that more often. For now there's plenty of other things that require my attention. Work is all consuming, in a good way because we are making such progress. The next trip is coming up soon, very exciting. I'm so excited that I'm getting to see everyone, not so excited about the journey. The trip is a long one going from Cayman to Miami to LA to Brisbane to Christchurch to Melbourne to LA to Miami to Cayman. I know it will be worth it and I'm counting the days.
A sleepy Cuban lion 

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