Monday, 23 January 2012

Sunday musings

A quiet weekend was called for, the last few have been far from quiet. The weeks have been hectic as well, long hours at work ticking off the to do list. The problem is that many things get added to this so it's three steps forward and two steps back along with that one that goes sideways. Times of change are exciting times although exciting can be totally flying by the seat of your pants, as the expression goes.

This from my horoscope for tomorrow:

"You'll take on projects that you have no idea how you're going to complete. But the first step is just to move. Don't worry about the end game right now. Just get in motion"

That sums it up really well, I'm in motion and have several other project to get moving while working on the current ones. Contrary to belief, not being able to multitask is not just the domain of men. I struggle in seeing so many things on the list, at least there are some major ticks now and some of  these can be seen here, another tick in the box. There's more to be done, added and edited but at least we're live now. And the huge bonus, I have a fantastic team so the multitasking load is shared.

Tomorrow is a holiday here, Hero's Day. A genuine celebration of local heros that people have worked really hard to organise. I may not attend the celebrations, the thought of an uninterrupted office day is more than tempting. If I can just get a few tasks completed, a few more begun my week may work. We begin another round of training evenings on Wednesday, three months of intensive work as we implement the new curriculum. It's not quite written yet, a job for tomorrow. So, writing is what I do all day every day at the moment. It will settle, I'm sure.

Now my down time is usually not spent writing. It's spent sailing, snorkeling and reading, not having to use my brain, books. Oh and dining with the odd drink. Today Jane and I took advantage of the lovely weather and went for a snorkel around Smiths Cove. There were plenty of fish there today, really big ones and schools of colourful fish darting in and out of the coral. Very beautiful. I was inspired to get the dive course done. This evening I'm off to the movies to see Iron Lady. A nice way to spend the evening. 

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