Monday, 16 January 2012


What a great weekend out sailing! The wind was on the edge of safe, the sailing was close and dramatic at times and there were nine 22's out. Amanda was back so no foredeck for me thankfully. We managed the whole range on Saturday, first to last, with a forth overall. Today was not so good, the spinnaker tore to shreds in the high winds and we had a hasty take down. Very lucky it wasn't worse, others broached, lost crew and had theirs blow out. We had to be content surfing our way to a sixth on a jib rigged for maximum speed. Fun, frustrating until we saw others go too. 

The stories at the end were worth telling over a beer, for now Yahoo needs some sponsorship. The spinnaker is shredded, the skipper lost his watch, the boom decided to wait until we were docked to fall off. Interesting! All's well that ends well, it was wet, wild and windy and lots of fun. There are three of us kiwis sailing plus family, nice to understand the accent and be fully understood. I did learn tonight that one of my fellow countryman is half Australian and the other has Aussie ancestry, hard to find the perfect kiwi. I joined the club today and hope to enroll in a learn to sail course soon, that might help. For now, it's a hot shower and bed, I'm shattered! 

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