Tuesday, 6 December 2011


What a fantastic weekend, fun and adventure, exploration and enjoying the best company. I'm a little tired to write tonight, not sure why after all that relaxation, so here's a photo from the garden at Las Cascadas Lodge to enjoy. Stories and photos of waterfalls, horses, bikes and white water rafting will follow, promise.


GoErinGo said...

Hi Jules! Great meeting you and Jo this weekend in the jungle! I have some great photos of you two rafting (courtesy of Christian Figueroa). Shoot me your email and I'll forward! Cheers, Erin

Jule's Short Story said...

Hi Erin.
It was great meeting you too. I had a look through your blog, some fantastic travel stories. Will keep following. Jo's got a disc of photos and I'm assuming they are the rafting ones, must check.
It was hard going back to work so am planning my next two trips to keep me going!
Take care.