Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Long weekends

It's a long weekend here and the beginning of Pirates Week. Pirates Week is huge here, a festival of music, dancing, parades, fireworks and of course pirates. November 14 is a public holiday, Remembrance Day, and so we have a long weekend to celebrate. What a fantastic celebration on Friday night, the best fireworks display I've seen in a while. Jane got some photos, I wisely left my camera at home. The evening was enjoyable, especially the people watching. It was a late one, lots of walking, eating and drinking.
One of Jane's photos
Saturday, we wandered down again and watched the pirates landing, a load of fun. The pirates poured ashore and we captured by the red coats after a battle. The whole community joined in, the streets and balconies over flowing with people and small children dressed in pirate costumes enjoying the party atmosphere.

Mmmm my photos are not wanting to load, I may add some more of the day's celebrations later.

I need to get ready, off out on the water for a play. After yesterday's racing, I'm a little sore. It was exciting, all will be explained in my next post. 

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