Friday, 28 October 2011


We've had some interesting weather lately, lots and lots of rain, thunder and lightening and a cooler breeze. This is thanks to Rina, a category 2 hurricane that's causing havoc in other parts of the Caribbean. The ocean swells here are really quite impressive, especially as they crash against the iron shore. As George town central is on the coast line, it was interesting driving to work and seeing the waves breaking over the road. Yesterday I sat in one of the restaurants and watched as the waves crashed through their parking lot and onto the road, past the doorways of several shops.

I didn't get much in the way of photos then, my phone is not that good for photos, so I went out this evening to the beach across the road. It's usually calm, today the waves were impressive and the surfers were making the most of them. I wandered along the beach, sat and watched a while and took a pile of photos as the sunset lit up the sky. Very beautiful.

There is more bad weather on the way, a tropical storm that will be called Sean if it amounts to anything. That's the one the locals are worried about, it comes straight over the Caymans whatever happens. I suspect that it will develop and we could get a nasty storm. After the last few days, I can now see how the swells can cause the sea to flow over the roads and into buildings. I can see why the locals would be worried. I'm lucky, I work in a building that is built to category 5 ratings and although I'm in living across the road from the sea, I'm hoping if I get anything it will be the wash rather than the full force of the sea.

Tonight I'll sleep with the sound and smell of the sea wafting through my windows as lightening lights up the sky, thunder rumbles and the rain falls. Perfect sleeping conditions. Enjoy these photos from this evening's outing.

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