Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Sunset Cayman style
A friend asked me if I was too busy or if I had run out of inspiration, a good question to reflect on. As I feel  more and more at home here, I consider those special moments I usually write about to be a part of my everyday life. I am also really busy at work, in a good way. I do have times when I'm inspired, take this evening.

I went to the dentist, not such good news but then it's been a while, so I came home a little earlier than usual. In daylight. I decided to go for a run, the heat was retreating from the day and the evening was beautiful. The road is hard with lots of traffic so after a while I spotted the kite and wind surfers out on South Sound. No excuses needed, off I went to the beach. I wandered along, it was very windy and the usually calm inlet had nice waves crashing on the shore. The surfers were flying along.

The smell of the sea was blowing in on the wind and the beach was deserted except for some small boys playing in the sand. I wandered along enjoying the peace and wishing I had taken my camera, not ideal to pack when running. Looking towards the setting sun, I could see the clouds lit up with an orange glow, a background to the palm trees bending in the wind. Yes, I really am living in paradise. Yes, I do need to find more time to enjoy it and feel inspired to write more often.  

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