Sunday, 23 October 2011

Finals night!

Is 8pm too early to go to bed on a Saturday night? It sure is when you've got to be at Jane's at midnight to heat up the pies! Yep, it's finals night, yep there will be a few at Jane's watching the game, eating pies and drinking beer. Tui's? Yeah right! I'm afraid the best we can do is Heineken, that's okay though. I'm not sure how much I'll feel like beer and pies at 3am, promise not to let the side down.

Nick's in Auckland hoping to get a ticket. I'm sure he'll enjoy where ever he watches. So it's just the waiting and the getting a small amount of beauty sleep. Not so good when I need all the help I can get. I had a late one last night too. Friday happy hour/s, then to a play. Funny just how culturally contextual things are. 2 Can Play was set in Jamaica and was the story of a couple whose kids had gone and who wanted to follow them to the USA to live. It was face paced and needed subtitles in places for this New Zealand English speaker. I got the gist as it went along, it was funny.

Another treat I've enjoyed this past week or so is going to the movies. I bought the book The Help at the Cardiff Railway Station on my visit to the UK with Sarah. I was catching the train to Antwerp, I chose a great companion. It's a story of the South, a story of a group of silent women who were brave enough to speak out and one person who was brave enough to tell their story. It made me laugh, it made me cry but mostly it made me believe in good people and friendship. It's a must see and faithful to the book.

I really must get some sleep if I'm going to make the game..... procrastinating!

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