Sunday, 9 October 2011

A catch up

You know you've been quiet when your mother tells you that there's not much on your blog. I don't seem to be getting a lot of time at home lately. Which is a good thing in most ways. Work has been taking up time in a way it hasn't for a while and I'm enjoying the challenges and most of all the lovely people I'm working with. My work is all about change and that's not something that comes easily for most of us. It's working here because I have an awesome team.

There has been plenty happening besides work. I think I'm getting over the RSI from the Miami trip. There's only so many times one can swipe a card without causing major strain injuries, then there's carrying those heavy shopping bags. My wardrobe is looking quite full and I'm going to have to release some clothes and shoes into the wild very soon, or buy many more coat hangers.

I really liked Miami. There's heaps to do and the food was great. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory at Dadeland a couple of times. The menu was one where I could have eaten all week and the Margaritas were fantastic. Dadeland Mall was the shopping destination, that and Designer Shoe Warehouse. Here's a few of their offerings. I love the heels, I've added a few pairs to my collection.

Jo shops like I do, except she has more stamina. We breezed through the shops, she knew the best ones, took a pile into the fitting rooms and quickly decided the yes, no and maybes. Quick check with each other then off to the counter. We made some good selections, some were the same selection. More on that later. We shopped until I dropped and needed food, I'm not nice when I need food and my new shoes were hurting. Off we went and found a fantastic little Italian restaurant, lovely home cooked food and a nice Chianti.

The bar at the hotel was shut when we got back so we decided to sample the small bottles of cocktail mixers we had bought earlier in the day. I had gin, what more could we want. Well reading the instructions might have been useful. I found ice and mixed the drinks. The first two were great, the last one was blueberry. And blue it was. Blue tongues and small blue mustaches, mine was still there in the morning. In the morning, armed with the instructions, we found that the stuff I stirred in was supposed to be used to rim the glasses, oh well!

We had a car in Miami and cruised around a bit, we also had a satnav. Not a particularly good one, she was a little slow in telling us when to turn and I could here the exasperation in her voice as she had to recalculate the route many times. The car was a treat, an upgrade at the counter then another in the garage meant we had a Volvo with leather seats and heaps of pep. Fun to drive. The weekend ended too soon, next time we'll stay another night and head out on a road trip rather than shop so much.

The next installment should be soon, stories of sailing and Muzz's trip to France and Spain. Watch this space. Right now I've got a Skype date with Noah, the highlight of today.

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