Friday, 9 September 2011

World Cup time!

Just because I'm a New Zealander, people think I'll be interested in the Rugby World Cup. Take the Irish man I talked to at the pool last night. He lives in my complex and is mad keen on watching the cup. He said he was getting up at 3am to watch the first games. That's dedication, I may occasionally stay up until 3am but getting up then, that just may not happen. I was feeling a bit ho hum about it all, thinking it might just pass me by over here. Not so it seems.

As I watched the haka flash and the fireworks then a little of the game, I felt quite patriotic. My biggest problem is that I get really nervous with All Blacks games and remember all too clearly the feelings of dismay, disbelief and many other dis words, after watching the last final with friends over breakfast. I'm not sure I can cope with the suspense. I think that comes from eating, sleeping and breathing rugby for so many years with my father and then my kids. It was what I did, cold rugby fields cheering and supporting was our Saturday outing.

I'm hoping to get to watch some of the games at the rugby club here, it's just down the road and in the meantime I'll catch up on line. I wonder if I need TV? The first time I've been inspired to think about that in a while. Work calls, it's happy hour a bit later. Much needed this week. 

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